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30 years delivering software solutions to businesses

 We believe in software’s ability to create leverage through streamlining manual processes, add value to the customer experience, and bring in business intelligence.

Over the past three decades we had the opportunity to work on some incredible projects which greatly benefit the businesses we partner with. To us, creating leverage through software is an art, not just lines of code. To you, the software we develop is a valuable asset, which works to your advantage, taking your business ahead of the competition.


What to expect when working with us

Curious as to how we work? We're happy to show you! We've carefully curated our development process to deliver projects on time, within scope, and on budget.

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Our Software Services

Web App Development

Have an idea for an application that could add value to your clients? Create your advantage through a web app, Alternatively, use web apps to regain in-house efficiency by automating delicate, heavily manual processes.

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Mobile App Development

Whether it’s an app to increase your client’s experience, an in-house logistics streamlining solution, or a new business venture, our experts have it covered. Create your point of differentiation with custom mobile app development.

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Middleware Solutions

Wish your systems could ‘talk to each other’? Middleware is your solution! Have your systems pass information between each other, streamlining your business processes. Explore your potential middleware solutions with experts.

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Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence solutions help businesses engage with customers, empower their employees, optimise operations and innovate their business models.



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CRM Services

We thrive on integrating technologies which transform how businesses work. We help you build customer relationship management tools which enable you to manage your customers' information more effectively.   


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Power BI

Our Power BI solutions help transform your data into a real-time dashboard, to help you understand where you’re at, at a glance.




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Our Software Capabilities


Planning, tracking and collaborating throughout a project is essential for its success. Our talent is trained to work in partnership with customers, to ensure projects are delivered on time, and within scope.



Intuitive, easy on the eye designs are important components of usability. We have in-house UX/UI design experts to ensure your software is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.


Ensuring software security is our top priority. All applications we work on integrate the appropriate security measures to keep your information safe.

Quality Assurance

Just like we develop software, we develop our team to deliver custom solutions that follow a rigid quality assurance process, including extensive testing, user acceptance, and code maintenance practices.


The Lancom difference

Outcomes first, code later

In-house grown talent

Optimised for the environment

IP to the world, from New Zealand

We work backwards from the solution

Learn how we've helped other business' leverage software


We create value

We leverage cloud technologies to enhance your software application and favour your bottom line.


We create efficiency

We implement software which streamlines business processes, helping you do more with less.


We solve problems

We work in partnership to build customised solutions that will drive results, and get you ahead.

Have an idea for a custom application? 

Start the process now! Kick off your project with our online working backwards process, and have our experts review your application idea, and get in touch with a project scope.

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