Seven steps to keep it simple

We can turn your good ideas into great results quickly, simply and safely. Reduce risk and leverage our proven software development proces.

1. Ideation

For new projects and ideation, we are long term advocates of the AWS methodology of working backwards. We encourage our clients to work backwards from the customer, rather than starting with an idea for a product and trying to bolt customers onto it. This usually starts with a mock press release announcing the finished product and includes creating an FAQ document. This helps provide real clarity on who the customer is, what their problems are, what the benefit of the solution is and what the experience looks like.

2. Scope

After working backwards, our team will have gathered all of the information they need on desired functionality and design requirements and can scope the project, outlining an initial quote.

3. Kick off

This is where agreements are finalised, and the work begins.

4. Development

The development stage is where our team of full stack experts really get to work. Building the software, testing and reviewing. This is also where the UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) design is refined.

5. Release

Once we’ve built a product and tested it thoroughly, it’s ready to be released.

6. Review

It’s best practice to review and monitor projects after launch. It’s important to ensure everything performs as expected and we work to optimise the product based on its performance.

7. Maintain

Technology is constantly evolving and to remain effective and secure, software needs to evolve too. In the maintenance stage we continue optimising the product where necessary, keeping it functioning at its best, as-well-as expanding its scope where required.