Accelerate the pace of operations while eliminating 'busy work'

Make your business smarter ever day with Lancom Business Process Automation. We work with you identifying and targeting common repetitive tasks, then applying a combination of process, our expertise and technologies from the Microsoft Power Platform and other vendors. By delivering automations that free your people to focus on more important tasks, your business is accelerated, and your people relieved of ‘busy work’ which adds little value.
It’s a better way of getting things done faster, easier and with optimal efficiency.

Create leverage with Intelligent Automation

Business Process Automation is a powerful way of creating leverage and building scale without adding personnel costs. It’s a case of doing more with less. Our experts bring commercial and technical aptitude, creating a focus on delivering automation for maximum impact. We’ll target the obvious first, demonstrating rapid value and creating an extensible platform with ‘low code/no code’ tools, putting the power of automation directly in your hands.

Working together, we automate more

With extensive experience in delivering solutions for businesses across New Zealand and Australia, Lancom offers proven routes to success for your Business Process Automation initiatives. We know where to start, how to automate, and where the best value is created. That’s not all. We’ll put a platform in your hands and transfer knowledge, equipping your people to identify and make their own automations. That’s the beauty of low code/no code. And of course, we’re here in support when you need us.
Equipped with powerful automation tools in their own hands, your people who know their processes best are now ready to automate themselves and tap new value streams by making their work better every day.

A smarter way to work

Make intelligent decisions

Make informed, confident business decisions by putting data-driven insights into the hands of your team. We'll show you how to find clarity and discover insights hidden in your data.

Build apps the easy way​

Turn ideas into business solutions by enabling everyone to build custom apps that solve business challenges. We'll increase the agility across your business by rapidly building low-code apps to modernise processes and solve tough challenges.

Power automate your business​

Get more done by giving everyone the ability to automate processes. Streamline repetitive tasks and processes so you can focus your attention where it's needed most. You take care of what's important, whilst we automate the rest.


Workflow Automation

Streamline business processes by automating repetitive tasks, increasing efficiency, and reducing manual errors.


Customer Relationship Management 

Effectively manage customer interactions and enhance sales processes through Microsoft Dynamics 365.


Intelligent centralised data and automation via PowerBI

Gain comprehensive insights into your data to make more efficient and precise decisions.


Paper to Digital Forms

Enables streamlined data collection, enhanced accessibility, and improved efficiency in information processing and storage.


"Lancom took time working us with us for clarity, identifying precisely what we needed and how to best go about it […] We’re processing information efficiently and saving up to 8 hours daily, meaning everyone has more time to look after customers. There’s no question that Lancom has delivered exceptional value for money."
Alex Bryce / Operations Manager

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