People powered

When you’re developing and managing technology to create leverage for your clients, you need strong leadership. Our leadership team brings a vast amount of experience to the table with careers spanning start-ups, small & medium sized enterprises and large global businesses.

As well as technology, the team have worked across a range of industries including agriculture, financial services, foodservice, healthcare, manufacturing, media, procurement, public sector, retail and tourism.


Managing Director

Waruna Kirimetiyawa

Waruna leads our business and has overall accountability for our performance. He’s been instrumental in establishing and growing Lancom Technology, having first joined as a graduate many moons ago. A master of technology and solving problems, he makes the technical comprehensible and gets what makes a business tick.

General Manager

Priscila Bernardes

Priscila leads on sales and oversees our daily business activities spanning our customer success team, our managed services team, and our engineering team responsible for delivering infrastructure projects for new and existing customers. She has a passion of enabling people to connect and loves building solutions that create leverage.

Head of Operations

Ben Walton

Ben heads up our delivery teams, which spans over New Zealand, Australia and the Philippines. He has over 29 years of experience in the IT industry, of which the last 25 have been in managed services. With Ben at the helm, our teams continue to focus on efficiency, reliability and performance.

Chief Financial Officer

Toni Southon

Toni provides the financial direction and governance to support our growth journey. A chartered accountant with over 25 years of strategic financial management experience across a range of sectors, she has a proven track record of enabling quality business decision making. Expert at ensuring robust business hygiene practices are in place, she is highly analytical and always looking for opportunities to make the boat go faster and in the right direction.

Head of Revenue

Darryl Grauman

With over 25 years of expertise in the IT field, Darryl serves as the Head of Revenue focusing on our go-to-market strategy, sales, international expansion, and strategic alliances. As a seasoned IT executive, he has assumed leadership roles in major managed services, cloud and telecommunication providers. Additionally, he has an LLB, BA, Certificate in Business Management, and many technical certifications that he uses to drive Lancom forward.

Technical Director

Gregor Blaj

Gregor provides technical direction to ensure that we deliver cutting-edge solutions that align with business objectives, adhere to best practices in architecture, and remain cost-effective. Additionally, Gregor is a certified expert in both AWS and Microsoft cloud technologies, bringing a wealth of knowledge to his role. He combines technical expertise with strategic insight so we are always ahead of the curve.


What we do

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