Introducing Lancom Technology

We’re a leading IT company serving Australia and New Zealand by specialising in providing software development, cloud services, managed services and data & insights to help businesses succeed by doing more with less.

We work closely with the biggest and most innovative tech companies in the world and are proud to be Advanced AWS Consulting Partners and Microsoft Solutions Partners. We're trusted advisors in Information Security holding an ISO 27001 certification.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to develop and manage technology to create leverage. Leverage that yields proven results and exceptional advantage for our clients.  In a world of constant change, Lancom Technology is your guide to leverage the maximum benefit from your technology investments.

We’re a people business and surround ourselves with top talent. Our people are continuously learning and refining their skills by solving complex problems for our clients.


What makes us, us

Full stack experts

Our team works across the full stack to create leverage for our clients. We're experts at software development, app modernisation, cloud computing, DevOps, managed services and everything in between.

We are one of the few one stop tech shops. We can move you to the cloud, modernise your software, build you something brand new, set you up for long term success and ultimate efficiency​.

Seasoned navigators

We're trusted as partners of the most innovative tech companies in the world. We're seasoned navigators of the ecosystems of these big businesses and make it easy for our clients to leverage cutting edge technology to increase efficiencies, grow and compete on the world stage.

We can help you get things done quickly and correctly on the most innovative ecosystems in the world. We can leverage unique benefits from our partners for our customers​.

Proven innovators​

We're proven innovators with 30+ years' experience of using software development to solve the toughest business problems. Nowadays we export our SaaS solutions all around the world and have 1 million+ end users. Even our industry competitors rely on our platforms. 

Leverage our proven expertise to accelerate your journey and achieve your goals faster​​.

What we do

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