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  • Barwon Health

Technology for a healthy return

Partnering with Lancom Technology allowed Barwon Health to completely modernise its legacy SaaS application. Hospitals were migrated with zero downtime so medical staff and administrators always had access to the right information to treat their patients.

Our Expertise


We build exactly what your business needs

Our software development service is all about turning good ideas into great results. See how you can turn your ideas into reality.

Software development

We keep technology and teams buzzing

We're the people who maintain and optimise the technology that powers your business and keeps your teams buzzing.

Managed services

We know how to make the most of the cloud

Leveraging the capabilities of the modern cloud provides incredible benefits. Getting there quickly, is only made possible by working with a team of full stack experts that have delivered hundreds of cutting-edge cloud projects.

Cloud Computing

Modernise existing software

We love innovating existing solutions to modernise them and make them work harder. If you’ve got an app it’s likely it could be doing more. Whether it’s moving it to the cloud, making it scalable, more resilient or more secure, we can help.

Application modernisation

Transforming your numbers from data to insights

Smart businesses get smarter and make money by leveraging automation. Analyse your data, gain insight, build solutions, automate processes, and create virtual channels of engagement.

Data, insights & workflows

Working with Lancom

Create leverage from what you have

We apply our information and technology solutions to your existing advantages to give your business an edge over the competition.

We insist on early results

It’s important to us that you see a return on your investment almost immediately. Our solutions deliver now, and are ready to scale for the future.

A strong working partnership

We’re big enough to solve the hardest problems but personalised enough you’ll get to know your team.

We’ve seen it all. Even the future

Our team have worked across the industry’s leading platforms and know what works, what doesn’t, and what’s coming next.


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We’d love to understand more about your business, and how technology can create the leverage you need to get ahead.