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Moving your business to the cloud is a big undertaking

Our team of full stack experts will take an unbiased approach to planning your migration by learning your goals, assessing your current setup, finding any gaps in your skills and technology, and putting it all in a detailed plan.

With competencies across the board, we are one of the few tech shops that can take an unbiased approach to planning your move to the cloud.


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Why organisations move to the cloud

Cloud computing is firmly established as the new normal and it continues to be one of the fastest-growing segments of IT spend.

Our team of full stack experts move organisations to the cloud quickly, via the lowest risk and the easiest path. We’re seasoned navigators, having delivered hundreds of cutting-edge cloud projects.

The main reasons organisations move to the cloud are:

1. Security and data protection

Security is top of mind for everyone and cyber security attacks are rising in sophistication. Working with a tier one cloud provider like AWS or Microsoft Azure, makes best practice security measures more accessible and affordable than running on-prem servers or working from local data centres.

2. Data modernisation

This involves moving data from legacy to modern databases. Business leaders today need timely and targeted analytics on existing data and many rely on a stream of insights enabled through data hosted in the cloud.

3. Cost and performance

Cost and performance have long been key drivers for cloud adoption. Moving to the cloud will mean savings on big capital expenditures like IT hardware but it also enables operational agility and greater levels of efficiency.

Leveraging the cloud

The demand for cloud computing has risen quickly and the learning curve can be steep. This means many in-house IT teams just don’t have the technical expertise needed to fully leverage the opportunity and it’s common for organisations to find cloud is more complex than they expected.

No matter where you are on your cloud journey, our team of full stack experts will take an objective approach to helping plan your migration, identifying what workloads should live where, managing costs and optimising your operations.