Leverage Lancom's AWS Capabilities

In an era where innovation and scalability are paramount, businesses are setting sail towards the limitless horizons of cloud computing. Cloud migration isn't just a buzzword; it's a strategic imperative. Discover how Lancom Technology's AWS Cloud Migration is revolutionizing industries, accelerating innovation, and redefining the way companies operate.

Benefits of migrating to AWS

Faster deployment & scalability

Gain the ability to innovate and adapt to customer demand.

31% average infrastructure cost savings vs on premises

Cost transparency means your organisation no longer needs to make larger investments upfront in hardware and software, or manage ongoing maintenance.

69% reduction in unplanned downtime

Leverage modern and resilient technology that safeguards your business against downtime.

62% more efficient IT infrastructure management vs on-premises

Improve workforce productivity and reduce your IT team's time managing on-premises infrastructure and upgrades.

Scale through available 26 regions, and 84 availability zones globally

Backed by Amazon's global infrastructure, gain access to resources when and where you need them.

MyHR Ltd
"Lancom provides MyHR with AWS expertise to drive our Technology needs forward. They're a partner keeping a close eye on our needs, helping us stay informed and on the same page."
Peter Simmons / CTO
Workbench International
"We recognised that we needed the help of an AWS partner. Lancom's expertise in application development, modernization, and their extensive experience with SaaS made them a great choice for collaboration. The outcome they provided was fantastic, as it not only resulted in cost savings but also maintained scalability, security, redundancy, and disaster recovery."
Anton Grebinchukov / CTO
"Attempting this journey on our own would have required a massive internal effort; Lancom has created automation and a well-architected framework which brings forward our plans and will accelerate our move into the AWS cloud."
Tobias Oschwald / CEO

Successful Modernisation and Migration Partnerships

AWS Migration and Modernisation Insights

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