• Strap a Rocket to Your SaaS Journey

Strap a Rocket to Your SaaS Journey

Written by Lancom Technology, April 2022

Everyone loves the SaaS model but getting there easily requires expert support

Everyone loves the SaaS (software-as-a-service) model. SaaS products are faster to bring to market, offer increased agility, lower the cost of app development, can get you into more markets and there is lots of scope to deliver efficiencies.

With SaaS being a huge growth driver and all the benefits for end customers and providers, why hasn’t everyone already transitioned to a SaaS model? Transitioning to a SaaS model can be tough. Technology and operations take on new responsibilities under the “as-a-service” environment. To be successful you need to rethink every dimension of how your product has been built and finally you need to relook at how you sell, manage, support, and operate your product.

The challenge of going SaaS

To transition to a SaaS model you need a special mix of technical and business nous and many companies lack the in-house expertise to design and build a cloud-native SaaS solution. Taking a punt leads to risky, slow-moving projects which can eat up resources and hold back your strategic roadmap.

Moving to a SaaS model often requires a fundamental shift in strategic and operational mindset. There are unique business and technical challenges to be solved, such as product planning, go-to-market strategy, billing, development of a tenant isolation model, access and security of the SaaS solution, operational efficiency, and more.

The AWS SaaS Competency

To solve this problem global leaders Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps customers easily identify who has deep experience in designing and building SaaS on AWS. Launching their AWS SaaS Competency in May 2020, two months later we became the third AWS partner in Australia and the first in New Zealand to achieve the competency.

Working with someone with the AWS SaaS Competency is like strapping a rocket to your SaaS journey, accelerating your time to market, and enabling the launch of solutions faster by removing the heavy lifting of designing and building SaaS solutions on AWS. We’re able to build new SaaS solutions, migrate existing apps to a SaaS-based delivery model, or optimise and enhance existing SaaS solutions.

What’s in the title of AWS SaaS Competency Partner

AWS SaaS Competency Partners have deep experience helping organisations design and build SaaS and cloud-native solutions on AWS. To get the title, our expertise was rigorously validated by AWS, and we needed to demonstrate proven customer success by either designing and implementing the AWS infrastructure, or providing hands-on software development services. For us, it was a culmination of many years of hard work.

Since its launch, customers who work with AWS SaaS Competency Partners and leverage their support have increased their project success rates and accelerated time-to-market. This opens endless possibilities for customers in how they can innovate.

Why work with Lancom Technology on your SaaS journey

As an AWS SaaS Competency Partner, we follow AWS best practices for designing and building SaaS solutions through our professional services practices. We’re able to help customers reduce friction when migrating off legacy applications and establishing the foundations required to build SaaS solutions successfully on AWS.

We also have access to AWS local teams and can provide go-to-market support to grow your SaaS solution and launch it on AWS Marketplace.


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