• New Australian Domain Name Changes Could Leave Your Business at Risk

New Australian Domain Name Changes Could Leave Your Business at Risk

Written by Lancom Communications, June 2022

Keep your business safe by register your new .au domain

Anyone with a local connection to Australia can now register a new category of website domain name. These shorter and simpler domain names end in .au - rather than .com.au, .net.au, .org.au, .gov.au or .edu.au. All Australian businesses have until 20 September to reserve their .au equivalent domain name, then it becomes available to the general public.

This new category of domain name allows users to register shorter, more memorable online names however it also creates another opportunity for people to conduct fraudulent activities by registering your .au domain name in an attempt to impersonate your business.

For example, if you currently have yourbusiness.com.au, someone could register yourbusiness.au or yourbusinesscom.au and use these very similar-looking domains to impersonate you or to try and sell them back to you.

Keep yourself safe

To help protect your business you should register your .au domain name before it becomes available to the general public on 20 September 2022. If your domain is managed by Lancom, we will reserve these on your behalf. If your domains are managed by an external provider, please contact them to reserve your .au domain.

If you don’t do this, your .au domain name will become available to the public on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Read more about it from the Australian Cyber Security Centre by clicking here.

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