• Next generation tech set to enhance patient safety via mobile app

Next generation tech set to enhance patient safety via mobile app

Written by Lancom Technology, July 2021

Prompt Documents partners with Lancom Technology to enhance healthcare documentation app

New app to provide Australian medical community with real-time patient care guidance


Prompt Documents, an Australian document management system, in conjunction with Lancom Technology, leading ANZ provider of technology solutions, announces the next generation of its healthcare solution, Prompt. This sophisticated cloud-based document management system provides healthcare professionals with patient information and up-to-date guidelines, policies and procedures via their mobile devices.

Providing Equal Access to Best-Practice Healthcare

Prompt was originally conceived over 10 years ago when a young patient died in a regional hospital as a result of a practitioner using an outdated procedure that had stopped being used in larger hospitals. Preventing future incidents by promoting transparency and collaboration between hospitals and departments to shield against information gaps, the document management system has played a vital role in medical environments since.

Recently it became apparent that the legacy solution was no longer meeting the needs of its users, who required real-time access to documentation while on the go. After a competitive tender, Lancom Technology was appointed to develop a cloud-based solution that would benefit the medical community.

Modernising the Solution with AWS

The new app now allows both metro and rural hospitals to align on best practice, share information and enhance safety standards across the board. Built-in the cloud, the software-as-a-service solution is fully scalable to manage increased demand. Access to the app is much faster for the user and downtime has been greatly reduced.

Barwon Health, one of the largest and most comprehensive regional health service providers in Australia, is the first to benefit from the solution. The organisation’s health services cover everything from primary care to community services and rehabilitation and it is essential that its health care workers can access guidance on how to treat patients regardless of where they are, reducing medical errors.

Waruna Kirimetiyawa, Chief Executive at Lancom Technology, says, “We approached this project from a place of true partnership. It was about understanding what Barwon Health wanted to do with Prompt and aligning ourselves to be on the same page, so we could deliver a fast, efficient, scalable and future-proof system for the medical staff in hospitals who greatly need it.”

Real-Time Information at The Click of a Button

Andrew Macfarlane, Chief Information Officer at South West Alliance of Rural Health, says, “The updated version of Prompt has been built in the cloud. We have scalable access in real-time to the app and can make upgrades when required, such as when experiencing a surge in demand. The fact that the solution has been built on Amazon Web Services means data and information can be stored and analysed cost-efficiently and at scale. It also allows hospital workers to access the data quickly across 105 locations.”

Emily O’Halloran, Clinical Pharmacist at Barwon Health, says, “The Prompt app is easy to use and as it’s the central place that we keep all the protocols, everyone can be confident they are accessing the most up-to-date guidance. There are over 100 other organisations in Australia that use Prompt and it’s great to have the option to see what everyone else is doing as well. Having Prompt on our phones allows quick access to information which is really good for a busy pharmacist on their ward rounds.”

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