• Lancom Technology Appoints Aimee Greenhough as Chief Operating Officer

Lancom Technology Appoints Aimee Greenhough as Chief Operating Officer

Written by Lancom Communications, March 2021

Lancom Technology, a software and technology provider serving Australia and New Zealand, has announced that Aimee Greenhough, previously in the role of Chief Financial Officer, will transition to Chief Operating Officer, effective immediately.  

Lancom Technology has over the last five years been focussed on transforming the company to position it for future growth, which has included expanding to Australia, acquiring managed service providers in New Zealand, introducing new products and services, recruiting key personnel and refreshing its brand. 

Chief Executive for Lancom Technology, Waruna Kirimetiyawa said: “I’m delighted to announce Aimee’s appointment as Chief Operating Officer. Growth remains our number one priority, but we also need to focus on how we deliver that growth in an efficient and effective manner. The opportunities that exist for Lancom Technology are very exciting and we now need to ensure the business and our processes operate really effectively in order to retain our high levels of customer satisfaction whilst achieving profitable growth.  

As Chief Operating Officer, Greenhough will retain the existing Chief Financial Officer functions as well as assuming responsibility for Lancom Technology’s operating capabilities and developing strategies to maximise customer satisfaction.  

Aimee Greenhough, Chief Operating Officer for Lancom Technology said: “Lancom Technology is a great business and I’m excited to be taking on a role that will see me developing new strategies to support long term, consistent and sustainable growth. We have a fantastic team of talented people here and I’m looking forward to the challenge of helping take us to new heights!” 

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