• Lancom Technology Announces Brand Refresh

Lancom Technology Announces Brand Refresh

Written by Lancom Technology, November 2020

Lancom Technology, a software and technology provider serving Australia and New Zealand, announced today a refresh of its core brand elements, reflecting the growth and evolution of Lancom Technology as a leading provider of technology products and services.

The new bold and vibrant logo in black and Lancom green is an evolution of the previous cloud-based icon. With a robust design system, the new brand elements are a visual representation of a business that is modern and progressive whilst still being simple and easy to work with.

Waruna Kirimetiyawa, Chief Executive of Lancom Technology, said: “As a business working with modern, innovative technology solutions, we need a brand that clearly and confidently communicates our approach to solving complex problems in a way that is easy to understand. We’ve grown a lot in the past 12 months and it’s important our brand evolves too. I’m really proud of the direction we’re moving in as a business and think we now have a brand that can support our continued focus on growth.”

As-well-as refreshing the brand’s core elements, Lancom Technology has replaced its website and enhanced its positioning by sharpening the focus on its core services and by talking about how it makes and exports its own SaaS products.

Kirimetiyawa comments: “We see our core strengths as being software development, application modernisation, cloud computing, managed services, data, insight and workflows. At the same time, a lot of people don’t realise that at our core we are software developers and innovators. We have a suite of SaaS products that we export around the world and we take pride in the fact that nowadays, even our industry competitors rely on the platforms we have created."

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