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About Titomic

Titomic is a publicly listed Australian company that has developed the world’s largest and fastest, metal 3D additive manufacturing technology.  The team are ushering in a new age of metal manufacturing by redefining the limits of what is possible, developing higher performing metal components, faster and smarter than ever before. Their clients include some of the leading manufacturers in the defence and aerospace sectors, with Titomic enabling their clients to significantly reduce their lead times and costs whilst boosting productivity and performance of the parts they manufacture. 

"Working with Lancom Technology was like dealing with people in my own team. They understood the problem quickly, were very responsive and great to work with. "
Alex Champion de Crespigny / Digital Platforms Manager

The challenge

Centralised data and automation

The team at Titomic wanted to create a centralised data repository, bringing together a range of data sources including Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and CSV files. The team also wanted to introduce automation to reduce any database administration burden.

Discover insights hidden in data

Titomic also wanted to more easily discover insights hidden in their data whilst being able to present their findings visually and in more meaningful ways across the company. As an example, they wanted to be able to share a high-level view of the daily life of their machines so that everyone, technical and non-technical, could easily understand the machines daily activity and utilisation.

The solution

Automation of Microsoft SQL Server

With all of Titomic’s data moving into one centralised Microsoft SQL Server, Lancom Technology worked to turn the team’s logic into a modern production environment. We did this by identifying the key data requirements for the reporting suite. By automating the data load and staging processes we simplified the build of daily data. Access control was achieved using the Power BI gateway to ensure secure access to the multiple data sources involved.

Power Platform

Our team worked to introduce the Microsoft Power Platform and specifically Power BI. We created a suite of dashboards to transform Titomic’s data to insights, and insights to action.

The results

Intelligent data

Titomic now has one central data store that can be accessed by anyone across their business. Used daily, it provides the team with intelligent data that is more consistent, cleaner, and quicker to access, whilst enabling enhanced levels of analysis. Processes have been streamlined and exceptions can be zeroed in on, with the team saving time, energy and money.

Insights into action

With Power BI, Titomic can easily share their data and insights. They do this by sharing links to dashboards and by printing out key information for everyone to see. The team have been able to turn insights into action by better understanding their machine utilisation, machine activity and material utilisation. This enables them to identify any potential bottlenecks in production, further optimising their already very sophisticated processes, reducing downtime and increasing profitability.

Services used

Software Development

  • Managed Services for Software

Data, Insights & Workflow

  • Business Automation

  • Data & Insights

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