Software development for Hollywood tech company Moxion

About Moxion

The world’s most innovative filmmakers use Moxion’s advanced dailies platform to enhance the creative process and tell great stories. Designed and built to help filmmakers collaborate across the globe, Moxion is becoming the fabric of modern filmmaking. Moxion’s services have been put to the test by some of the biggest names in filmmaking, in some of the most complex and challenging productions, across the globe.

"Lancom Technology provided top quality software developers to help our enterprise customer get a new feature. Lancom quickly understood what we needed, and every interaction was professional, productive, and reassuring. It was a great experience to team up with Lancom and take care of our customer."
Nathan Gower Smith / Chief Technology Officer

The challenge

Augmenting a busy team to support a key customer

The team at Moxion had a requirement from one of their enterprise customers for a new feature that fell outside of their usual product roadmap. They needed a partner who could augment their busy team, allowing their people to maintain their focus and pace whilst delivering an important feature for a key customer.

Embedding production videos into a secure website

For this project, Moxion’s client wanted to be able to embed their production videos into a website. Doing this securely is complex as there are risks that need mitigating, such as click jacking.

The solution

Deep dive

Our team deep dived into Moxion’s very specific problem statement and proposed a solution involving iframes, abiding the partially adopted Storage Access API standard when available, isolating the authentication process from potential attackers, and maintaining Moxion’s world class security.

Proof of concept

We then delivered a proof of concept for the Moxion development team to better explore the problem, understand the technical challenges and get a feel for the proposed solution – enabling them to make a fully informed decision.

Bringing the feature to production

Our team are currently supporting Moxion with the next phase of the project which is bringing the new feature to production. This is a collaborative effort as it requires taking the refined proof of concept and integrating it into the code base so it’s ready for release.

The results

Going the extra mile for VIP customer

Moxion has been able to demonstrate their flexibility and willingness to go the extra mile for a VIP customer by quickly creating a bespoke solution to solve a specific problem.  

Hassle free new feature  

At the same time, Moxion has received a new product feature that can be released to all their customers. With the feature being developed by Lancom Technology, the Moxion development team has been able to maintain their focus on delivering their product roadmap. 

Services used

Software Development

  • Bespoke Development

App Modernisation

  • Refactor

Cloud Computing

  • Amazon Web Services

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