A world of opportunities

If you’re smart, ambitious and love learning, there’s never been a better time to join our business. We’re on an exciting growth journey, one that sees us winning bigger clients, expanding our team and creating more opportunities for everyone.

Our culture is based on trust, freedom and support. Our clients trust us to deliver the results, our people are given the freedom to discover the best solutions and shape their careers, whilst receiving the support they need along the way.

What we believe in


We are all here because we have a talent to bring to the team.

Continuous learning

We have inquisitive minds. Minds that always seek out new ideas, both big and small, to help us do more with less.

Humble confidence

The finest minds in tech are the ones that share information freely. The more you learn, the more you realise how much you still don’t know. We keep an attitude of strong opinions, loosely held.


There is a lot of luck in success. You can shorten the odds by being smarter but long-term success will be grounded in perseverance.


We are never done learning and are always looking to improve ourselves. We are curious about new possibilities and act to explore them.

Available Positions

"At Lancom Technology I learnt a lot about everything. I wasn’t siloed or assigned to a specific technology. I learnt a broad range of skills so that when I decided to move to Australia, I was able to take a consulting role where I designed solutions, deployed them and delivered end to end results."
Shaun Jacob / Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft Australia
"Working at Lancom, I was given the opportunity to experience a wide array of technologies. I was encouraged to dive into various areas with the guidance of supportive colleagues. The diversity fueled my curiosity and sparked a growth mindset and a thirst for learning. Lancom's culture encouraged innovation and proactive problem-solving. Perhaps, the most significant takeaway from my time at Lancom was the acceleration of my career journey. By gaining exposure to various technologies early on I developed a comprehensive skill set that set me apart in the IT industry. "
Luvern Naidoo / Cloud Endpoint Technical Specialist, Microsoft
"Lancom Technology is unique in that if you have the talent and skills to do something, the business will provide you with the opportunity to do the work and get the job done. You will never be pigeonholed into specialising in one thing."
Imran Sadiq / Senior Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
"Lancom Technology isn’t a big corporate. That means as a software developer, you get to work in a lot of different areas like front end, back end, database, CI/CD, you basically get to work on everything. If you’ve got strong skills and are ambitious, then Lancom Technology is a great place to start your career."
Jason He / Lead Programmer, DeskDirector

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