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COVID-19 Lockdown Update

written by Lancom CommunicationsApr 9, 2020 12:35:11 PM

During a four-week nationwide lockdown, we know it’s important for people to have confidence in their IT systems. We wanted to let you know that apart from not being able to visit your sites to setup machines or carry out desk moves; it is business as usual for Lancom Technology. 

We’re able to provide some hardware
If you need new hardware products like laptops or licences for the likes of Office 365 and VPNs, we can now get these underway and couriered to you. Orders must be to solve work from home issues only though. 

We’re fortunate to beon the cloud 
Our people are able to work remotely and don’t need to physically be in an office.  You can continue to log support tickets as you always do via the Lancom button, emailing support@lancom.co.nz, telephoning 09 3778282, or via our portal at https://cloud.lancom.co.nz. 

We’re busy doing what we usually do 
We've been incredibly busy over the last few weeks, helping even more clients than usual with their IT needs as they adjust to new ways of working. 

But we’re working remotely, which is bound to complicate things a little 
Some of our work does depend on human interaction, so while we’re working remotely from each other, it’s possible some processes might be a bit slower here and there. We appreciate you bearing with us in cases where our usual high standards slip. 

We are here to help 
This is a tough time for everyone, but our teams are here to help you in any way they can.  Get in touch by contacting your Customer Success Manager directly or by emailingcustomersuccess@lancom.co.nz. 

Stay home and stay safe 

Lancom Technology