How to come up with awesome business app ideas

written by Anastasia RamsayFeb 5, 2018 9:53:29 AM

You would be right if you thought investing in an app would be a wise decision this year. You can probably name half a dozen apps off the top of your head that have helped to simplify your life, yet you probably have a few tasks in mind of what you wish you had an app for!

The rise of digital transformation has meant that, apps are now a “thing” for businesses too. Companies who realise this opportunity are able to come up with app ideas that help keep them in their consumers’ pockets, streamline business processes, or automate routine processes to save time (and money).

However, coming up with winning business app ideas can be tricky! So, we have compiled a list of six things you should consider before hitting the go button on a new business app:

1. Solve a problem/fill a gap

People LOVE apps that make their lives easier. Solving a problem is the way to your consumers (or employees) hearts!
Solving a problem can start small, too. If you head to your admin department now, they are likely to give you a few examples of tasks which they would love to be automated.

Want a more practical advice?
Start by automating Excel spreadsheets! (In case you haven’t guessed, we can do that).

2. Save people time

Another thing people hate? Wasting time! Try to develop an app which helps automate routine tasks.
A practical example here would be cutting the back and forth in finding time to meet with work colleagues and clients, but guess what? There’s an app for that already!

3. Seek inspiration from competitors and improve on it

Running out of inspiration? Why not check what your competitors are doing? Chances are, if they are doing something great you could do something greater based on their ideas.
Don’t be shy to do your research, learn from your competitor’s mistakes, and bring their app ideas to your business context.

If you need more convincing, this article by Entrepreneur is a great reading!

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4. Think of what the future will hold

Take note of new technologies on the horizon, but make sure this is based on sound information! 
Ok let’s be honest, you probably won’t be a 100% familiar with these technologies, that’s what your IT provider is for!

Our suggestion?

Pick your IT provider's brain on your next meeting and get their feedback on why and how your business could benefit from having an app. Chances are, they would be a lot more familiar with the upcoming technologies, and how they fit your business.

5. Know what is NOT a good idea

This is arguably just as important as knowing what is a good idea! You don’t want to invest time and resources on an idea that was doomed to fail from the beginning. So, if it doesn’t look realistic, don’t do it!

Step back and think about the “why”, the hypothesis for your app

If the app is customer facing, ask your buyers if they would benefit from it, if the app idea is for internal use, ask your staff.

If you can find 10 people willing to use your app, that’s usually a great indicator that the app will be beneficial to many more people.

6. And our bonus tip: Work backwards from your idea

Well that tip isn’t ours, it comes from Amazon Web Services CTO: Werner Vogels. The methodology suggests that, before building an app, it is ideal to clarify your thoughts by following a four step process, which includes:

  1. Writing a press release
  2. Write a Frequently Asked Questions document
  3. Define the customer experience
  4. Write the user manual

To wrap up: Choose your software development company wisely

The last thing you want is to have an amazing app idea, and not see its full potential because of a poor match with a software development company!
Be smart about how you go about selecting your software development company. But that’s another blog post…

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