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Keep up to date with the latest in technology trends and business strategy. Learn fresh, practical tips to better your business through leveraging technology.

Getting to know: Andre Morrison

Lancom Technology Shortlisted for Microsoft Partner Awards

Lancom Technology Accelerates Managed Services Growth with Connect 2 Acquisition

Lancom Technology Appoints Dan Williams as Non-Executive Director for Australian Business

IT Managed Services & Lockdown

We’re finalists for the Reseller News Innovation Awards 2020

Lancom Technology Opens Australian Office, Maintains Growth Focus Despite COVID Challenge

Why SaaS companies should be excited about our AWS SaaS Competency

COVID-19 Update: Auckland at Alert Level 3

We've Been Shortlisted for ARN Innovation Award 2020

Lancom Technology First in New Zealand to Achieve AWS SaaS Competency

The next big thing – when to jump in

Serverless SaaS: How to use API Gateway, Lambda, DynamoDB, and S3 to architect a multi-tenanted application

Lancom Technology Launches New CSP Portal

Our Approach to Application Modernisation

COVID-19 Alert Level 2 Information

Practical Application of the AWS Cloud Development Kit

COVID-19 Alert Level 3 Information

Get your business and servers out of lockdown and into the cloud

Migrating a Legacy Application to AWS Aurora

COVID-19 Lockdown Update

Time to Shine for IT Providers

New Zealand moves to COVID-19 Alert Level 3 and then Level 4

Our Commitment During COVID-19

Redbrick Technology and Lancom Merge

The 6 AWS Security Best Practices Your Application Should Have

Migrate to cloud the AWS way

The 4 pillars of a successful IT project

Why your AWS infrastructure must be Well Architected

The 1 thing your business needs to make email secure right NOW

The core foundations of AWS ISV's should be using

How to adjust your business model for digital transformation

Are you and your software developer speaking different "languages"? Here's how to communicate more effectively

Two Factor Authentication:The Email Protection Must-Do

Getting to know: Dan Apperley

It is time to quit the relationship with your server. Here’s Why.

Getting to know: Waruna Kirimetiyawa

Lancom grows managed services customers with strategic acquisition

5 signs that your business is ready for the cloud

Key areas to focus on to help your business adapt to the digital age.

What you need to know about software development in 2019

The six ways innovative companies are growing in 2019

The fundamentals of Blockchain: What you need to know

Managing a development project (but not a software developer)? Here's how.

AWS Sydney Summit 2019: Our Recap

Understanding Windows 7 End-of-Support: What is the impact for your business?

Digital transformation: five essential truths

Lancom is ‘Cosell-ready’ for App Modernisation with Microsoft

To automate or not automate? Recognising it's time to let go

What is the best application modernisation approach for your organisation?

To outsource or not to outsource IT: When it's time to change

Why SQL Server EOS is a good moment to consider application modernisation

Taking the application modernisation journey: here’s how we do it

Why it’s time to shift legacy applications to the cloud

Your IT provider is failing you, here’s why this is NOT OK

What DevOps is - and why it's a big deal

Lancom Group appoints Waruna Kirimetiyawa as CEO

Imran Sadiq earns "AWS Cloud Warrior" status

Our year in review

5 Business changing Office 365 features you should be using

The top 6 cloud misconceptions you should know

Cloud migration: It's not just a cost thing

Getting to know: Aaron Corney

The 5 things you need to know before signing an IT contract

Here's why you should be thinking about a business app

5 common business inefficiencies solved by Power BI

Getting to know: Cameron Roberts

Getting to know: Jacques Jamieson

Why these successful companies are loving using Power BI

Getting to know: Nikita Bhimjiani

10 reasons why your SME should be using Power BI

Growing a business based on values: The lessons we learnt

Getting to know: Kevin Williamson

The sudden death of business reporting as you know it

Getting to know: Dmitry Orlov

Our philosophy: Leverage through technology for SMC's

Our move from paper to dashboard reporting

Your management will change with cloud computing, here's how

What’s serverless technology (and why it matters to you)

Emptying out the server room's never been a better idea

How we are redefining Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)

How we are shaping our culture to allow our team to succeed

Dip a toe into a data lake: Take a step closer to data-driven business

Your new advantage: Technology enabling creative solutions

Best Practices: Implementing a technology change

Evolve your franchising business processes for greater productivity

Four pillars of focus for business success in 2018

A reality check: Why you should NOT develop that app

Your buyers have changed, here's how you can attract them.

The new reality of cyber security and how to adapt to it

Don't let tech hold you back: How to evolve your business processes for greater productivity

What we are doing to create great experiences at Lancom

Cybersecurity & You Part 3: Keeping your mobile phone secure

7 Signs you need an IT Managed Service Provider

What the best companies did in 2017

Microsoft Teams: The must-have productivity tool for teams

How to come up with awesome business app ideas

Lancom achieves AWS Advanced Consulting Partner Status

 The cloud computing trends every business leader needs to know

5 reasons to consider an IT management change

5 Ways Office 365 boosts your accounting business

Running your accounting practice in the cloud: What you should know

How to prepare your Accounting Practice for 2018

Cyber Security & You Part 2: Dealing with Passwords

If data is the new oil, then it is time to tap that well

How you can do your job better by using Microsoft Teams

This is how you generate the data that actually helps you make business decisions

Cyber Security & You (Part 1): Keeping Secure on Social Media

How to leverage techs to take your business to next level

To multi-cloud or not multi-cloud: What is your strategy?

Technical Debt: Your technology may be costing you more than you think

Should you break up with your IT partner? 6 signs that your IT relationship is unfixable

The 4 biggest modern business challenges (and how to overcome them)

4 ways your competitors are taking advantage of the cloud

Breaking down the pricing factor: how much developing an app will cost you

3 reasons why cloud computing is more secure than your traditional IT systems

4 ways to improve employee cyber-security awareness

All you need to know about Microsoft Flow

4 simple ways to get staff buy in for a new business app

The 2 things you must do to grow your small business online

Productivity habits the most successful people use

Is your business stuck in the Excel hell? Stop it now!

5 tips to make your employees, and your business happier

What's the difference between SharePoint and OneDrive

The 11 productivity habits the most successful people use

4 Steps to Planning Your First App

Why analytics is a big deal (and how you can get in on the action)

The Software Development Trends You NEED to Know in 2017

3 ways to make connections and explode your business growth

Want to Build a Business Cloud Strategy? Follow These 4 Steps

How to Build a Robust Cybersecurity Plan: Top Tips for SMEs

Simple steps to expand your business through digital marketing

The 4 hottest Office 365 apps to watch in 2017

Ceremony May Be Killing Your Business

Low Productivity? These 5 apps are guaranteed to help

5 IT Security breaches to look out for in 2017

Know the differences: deep learning, machine learning and AI

Why the future belongs to data-driven CFOs

Busting the 4 big myths about moving to Office 365

The 3 tools that business owners need to boost digital marketing

How to boost your referral systems in 4 simple steps

5 ways to boost operational efficiency in 2017

Don’t throw out passwords, make them a part of the solution

Three features that make Windows 10 indispensable

6 cloud computing terms you should know

The 6 best practices to ensure cloud success

Ransomware: The million-dolar con

Three customer-centric technologies every business should have

Four technologies every small business should consider

4 ways to get much more from Microsoft Office 365

Never make these 3 common Excel errors again

Amazon or Azure: Does it matter?

Office 365: It's a whole lot more than Outlook, Word and Excel

The 5 habits that will prevent you from being hacked

Four must-have Chrome extensions

Hosted and cloud: Not the same thing

Top tools for better and easier security

What's this 'digital transformation' thing really about?

Windows 10: To upgrade or not upgrade?

What makes IT projects successful?

The secret world of APIs

Top 3 apps guaranteed to save you money

How data security relates to CFO's

Five ways we (mis) understand big data

7 ways Microsoft Office 365 can streamline your business

Get strategic: How to create an IT plan for your business

Don't wait, automate

4 FREE apps to help you know what your competition is up to

Email attacks: Be aware of these scams and be safe

AWS cost: Don't get lost in the cloud

Security and the SMB's: How can you protect yourself?

Public, Private and Hybrid cloud - which will work for you?

5 Points to consider before moving to Office 365

9 Excel shortcuts everyone should know

Automate recruitment! (We can do that for you)

5 Webtools to take marketing to the next level

Downtime: How much does it cost you?

Why your business should consider moving to Office 365

Malware: Don't become a victim

3 useful (and FREE) mobile apps to take your business on the go

Cloud computing and you

Can your business survive a disaster?

Why you shouldn't bother archiving emails

Five Points to Ponder Before Shifting To Cloud

3 GREAT (and Free) Cloud Apps to Organise and Share your Data

What's a data centre (and why they are so important today)

Game Changing uses for Cloud that Were Never Possible Before

What is Cloud?

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