Why SaaS companies should be excited about our AWS SaaS Competency

written by Lancom CommunicationsAug 25, 2020 4:54:33 PM

Lancom Technology is the first New Zealand business to achieve AWS SaaS Competency status and just the third in the Asia Pacific region. Whilst this is great news for us, what does it mean for local SaaS companies? To find out we talk to Chief Executive, Waruna Kirimetiyawa about what it all means.


Why did you want to obtain the AWS SaaS competency?

I wanted Lancom Technology to achieve the AWS SaaS competency to show our customers that when it comes to SaaS, we’re the best in the business. People don’t necessarily know we're proven innovators with 30+ years' experience of using software to solve the toughest business problems. Nowadays we export our own SaaS solutions all around the world and have 1 million+ end users. Even our industry competitors rely on the platforms we have created.


Why is the AWS SaaS competency important to you?

At the simplest level it shows our customers we’re SaaS experts and being the first in New Zealand to achieve the competency is a real differentiator for us. This expertise comes from delivering over a hundred SaaS projects. But it’s not just the sheer number or projects, it’s also the quality and execution we’ve achieved in delivering those projects for customers and partners. Achieving the AWS SaaS competency really validates our processes, patterns, and practices but it all comes down to the talent of our people. Their skill levels, professionalism and commitment are second to none.


What does the AWS SaaS competency mean for local SaaS businesses?

My hope is that they’re excited about a few things. Firstly, it means they have the opportunity to partner with a team of SaaS experts. Secondly, the competency unlocks access into various AWS programmes and additional levels of expert support. Levels that are only made available to competency holders. The programmes are compelling and, in some cases, it might even work out to be cost neutral for a customer to start exploring their next project. Finally, it gives the SaaS companies we work with a reach into a global partner that’s currently unmatched in New Zealand, whilst also reducing the cost of engagement. Hopefully that gets people excited!


How hard was it to achieve the AWS SaaS competency?

We’re trusted to deliver results as partners of the most innovative tech companies in the world. Any competency or accreditation from a dynamic business like AWS is not easily earnt. A lot of work goes in behind the scenes and that was certainly the case for the AWS SaaS competency.


What kind of SaaS customers do you work with?

Our SaaS customers tend to fall into two broad categories. They’re either at the startup or early SaaS company stage or they’re a mature, established provider who’s been selling software for 10+ years. Each customer has their own set of very different challenges, whether it’s getting the foundations in place to scale or modernising their existing product to incorporate the latest technologies.


What do you like about working with SaaS providers?

I love that there are companies in New Zealand and Australia who are looking to get out there and sell their products to the world. People working in SaaS tend to be very passionate, they have loads of energy and they are hungry for success. In a lot of ways, it’s similar to the culture we have within Lancom Technology and it’s always nice to work with like-minded people.

I also really enjoy seeing the amount of value we add when working with SaaS customers. Because we have our own SaaS products, we’ve been there and done it ourselves, this results in the conversations we have tending to be quite mature with value being added both tactically and strategically.


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