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Getting to know: Andre Morrison

written by Priscila BernardesApr 5, 2019 9:25:37 AM

In his six months with Lancom Andre has shown passion for technology, problem solving and continuous learning.  Andre's biggest highlight at Lancom was passing his AWS Developer Associate exam recently. We chatted to him about his journey to date, his personal passions and recommendations for others looking to build a career in software development. 

The first thing you should know about Andre is that is his a big fan of films. His passion goes beyond just watching films, he loves creating them too! Growing up he always enjoyed being behind a camera and creating a story. Like many others in our office, he also spend a fair amount of time playing video games.

When we discussed Andre's journey at Lancom so far, he quoted:

"I’ve only been at Lancom for a few months, and I’ve already done so much. My biggest highlight so far is passing my AWS Certified Developer – Associate exam. In such a short time, I’ve gone from very little experience with AWS as a platform, to being officially certified. This shows exactly what I’ve enjoyed most about working at Lancom, which is the huge emphasis on continuous learning and growing talent. I’m a huge fan of this concept, and I see these values being implemented every day. Everyone in my team is constantly asking questions and sharing knowledge, because we all know that it makes each of us better developers." 

There are no apprenticeships at Lancom. You get in and do the job, move at your pace, with nothing holding you back aside of yourself. Being as brilliant as you want to be. Andre is a living proof of this. After just three months at Lancom he was given a problem with one of our client's apps.  Notifications weren’t being sent out to users, and it was unclear as to why. On this experience Andre quotes:

"I had zero experience with this particular project, so solving the issue meant having to quickly understand the codebase and the technologies it was using, both of which I was unfamiliar with. But the main thing that helped me solve it was perseverance. It took me about three days to figure out the solution, but it came eventually, and notification functionality was restored to the application without having to redeploy the app"

When we asked Andre for his recommendations for those looking to break into the software industry he kept it short and to the point:

"Learn as much as you can about new technologies. Not just for the knowledge you gain – which is obviously important – but mainly so you can show that you are able to learn and learn quickly. Technology is constantly changing, and being able to adapt and gain new skills is the most important skill there is."

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