Redbrick Technology and Lancom Merge

written by Waruna KirimetiyawaNov 1, 2019 9:32:00 AM

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On November 1st 2019, Lancom acquired Redbrick Technology Limited merging our resources in a way that is going to take us all to the next level. We would like to welcome on board Redbrick’s Directors and 12 staff, all of whom are joining us at our Auckland HQ. 

In Redbrick, we’ve identified and brought on a business highly complementary to our own. We share the same vision, believe in partnership and innovation is at our core. 

Here are some reasons why we have such good fit:

We have the same vision – growing our business while growing our clients, through technology and smart people becoming exceptional at what they do.

We believe in partnership - it’s the only way to be an IT service provider. You can’t be transactional if you want to a provide a difference. It’s about long terms relationships where we understand your needs and how we will meet them.

Innovation is at our core – we call it leverage and it means that at every opportunity we look at how to achieve more with less. This approach really stimulates us which is why we love technology and are able to provide great solutions.

We are committed to solving business problems -  finding business solutions and creating leverage for our clients is why we exist and Lancom have been doing this for 31 years.

The work ahead of us now is integrating the new client base with our existing one and making available our wider solution set which includes software development and automation to these new clients.

While we are in the business of delivering technology and automation solutions, Lancom is all about people and the creation of close mutually beneficial relationships. The challenge with every acquisition is therefore a human one – and it’s one that all of us at Lancom have proven we are up to.

After all, adding value depends on knowing the people we’re looking after and their businesses, and caring so we deliver where it matters most.

We’ll spend the next few months engaging, understanding and learning with our newly acquired and existing customers, this is of high importance to us as we stick to our commitment of delivering value through solutions that bring businesses leverage.

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