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On this platform, we speak a lot about facilitating your business growth. From technology to strategies, to productivity hacks to culture – we cover a lot! Today's article is a little different, we want to open the doors to the "backend", and expose our processes, our people, and what we are doing to ensure those who partner with us are getting the best from us.

Being in the business of providing technology solutions to other businesses, we recognise that our clients success is ultimately ours. Our best stories are those told by our customers, not by us. Because of this, we believe that if we double down our focus on helping our clients business’ grow, ultimately, we will grow too.

Curious for a behind the scenes look? Let's get into it!


1. It all starts with people

By ensuring our team is consistently upskilling, and staying up to date with the latest technology and business trends, we are able to work backwards from our clients business plans to ensure we are recommending, and implementing optimal solutions that allow our customers businesses to continually growth through doing more with less, by leveraging all that technology has to offer.

We do this through investing in giving our staff access to courses and certifications, in-house group training sessions where we share our knowledge as a team, attending industry events where thought leaders share their knowledge, and the latest technology developments. On top of this, we bring our clients in to talk to the team about their business, to ensure our team learns about what our clients do and how their businesses operate, which gives them context to provide the best advice.



John Mitchell from Infotools discussing their business, and how technology helps move the needle for them.


2. We're on a mission: Raise the tech IQ of our partner’s staff

At Lancom, we believe that people are intelligent beings, and given the opportunity to help themselves, they will. Because of this, we invest in raising the technology IQ of the staff of the businesses we partner with, at all levels – not just the C-suite! This allows our partners to be more productive and leverage technology to its full potential.

We have built an entire tool to enable our customers to leverage the latest of our support and knowledge materials, The Lancom Button.

In addition, we keep our clients educated through onsite training sessions, imparting knowledge and insights when our clients contact our helpdesk for support, our self-help section of the Lancom Button, and our online resources (This blog, Lancom TV and our free resources).



Our Technical Director, Imran Sadiq, speaking at the Sydney AWS Summit earlier this year.


We also love to share our knowledge with the community! Through having our experts speak at events, and hosting events to educate around how to implement technology which makes a difference in business. We love taking the opportunity to give back.


Our Technical Director Imran Sadiq, and General Manager Waruna Kirimetiyawa, speaking at one of our community events we host.


3. We believe in decisions driven by data

We believe in implementing technology that moves the needle in the businesses we partner with. One way we like to do this, is through implementing data-driven solutions.

These solutions include custom Power BI dashboards, Excel Web-Apps, and customised middleware solutions to name a few. 

By providing businesses with better access to their data, we empower them to make business decisions based on real time insights, from all their important business KPI's. Not only that, but our solutions give transparency, and allow our partners to deep dive into their information, with it being presented in an easy to read format, that facilitates action. 


4. We learn, adopt and deliver the latest of the latest in tech 

Like we mentioned above, we work towards ensuring our team is up to date in the latest in technology, to ensure we’re leveraging the best technology in our solutions.

One of the recent ways we are doing this, is through serverless technology. A new breakthrough in the software development world, allows our partners to develop customised applications which are faster to deploy, and significantly cheaper to scale and maintain.




Learn more about serverless technology and it's benefits, in this Lancom TV episode with our Technical Director, Imran Sadiq

5. One company, various cross-functional teams

We work on a lot of projects which require an array of skills and expertise, some even require a multi-discipline collaboration between software development and engineering. But we also like to implement and deliver technology solutions quickly, to enable our partners to start seeing results as soon as possible.

To do this we use flexible teams, which are cross-functional across our business.


6. We invest in our culture, and hold strong values 

Our team is what makes everything we do possible. Because of this, we invest heavily in growing a nurturing a company culture that supports our team, and helps them succeed.

This year we turn 30 (whoop whoop!), and with this we have taken the time to really define and focus on our core values, and ensure we are supporting these every day. (You can learn more about our core values here!)

These core values are the underpinnings of our company culture, and help us to ensure we remain true to who we are as a company, and the vision we have for our culture as we move into a high growth phase.  




social drinks


A few snaps from some of our social events 


As you can tell, our approach to ensuring our partners succeed is holistic. From a strong focus on our staff, to upskilling our partners, to the way we work internally and to ensuring we are recommending and providing up to date solutions.


If you’d like to see how we can help your business leverage technology, register for our complimentary 1-1 IT review, where our experts review your current IT environment, and provide a roadmap on how you can leverage technology. Learn more, or book in, here.


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