Don't let tech hold you back: How to evolve your business processes for greater productivity

written by Anastasia RamsayFeb 5, 2018 1:38:16 PM

Many NZ SME's face the same growth barriers: they have reached a stage where customer demands drive are driving their growth, but don't have the right tools or processes in place to manage this growth, anticipate buying behaviors or build loyalty.

The reality is 1 in 3 New Zealand SME owners wish they knew more about technology, and how it can help drive their businesses forward.

The solution? Start understanding your options by looking at how latest technology can assist your business.

The good news? This post explores a handful of the benefits the right IT can bring to organisations (and provides a path for those wanting to take action now!).


1. Grow efficiently 

Cloud-based business solutions can be implemented quickly and maintained easily, and you can cost-effectively scale as your needs change or business grows. So, by automating business processes for finance, supply chain, and sales team management, you can increase productivity and reduce costs... talk about efficiency!


2. Connect with customers

A connected business solution can help you gain deeper customer insights, manage and grow sales, and maintain profitable, loyal customer relationships. From surfacing insights based on compiled customer data to zeroing in on the most promising leads and customer buying trends, the right data-driven solution can help you stay focused on success.


3. Do business anywhere

No matter what devices your team uses or where they need to work, they can stay connected to key data like customer details, product information, and order status to deliver better customer service and respond at the speed of business.


4. Safeguard your business

Maintain your customers’ trust by keeping their data protected and your systems compliant and secure. A proven business system can help you prepare for the unexpected, and mitigate risk with both physical and virtual security. And, since your data is always on call, you can rely on guaranteed uptime and data redundancy to help protect you from a potentially catastrophic loss.


If you have just realised creating leverage through technology is akin to finding Willy Wonka's Golden ticket, let us help you explore how your business processes could be transformed. We offer complementary, no obligation IT reviews for New Zealand businesses seeking change. If you'd like to see what a customised IT future looks like for your business, register here.

All you need to do is dust off your racing googles and get ready to drive into a productivity fueled, technology driven future. Vroom vroom!


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