It is time to quit the relationship with your server. Here’s Why.

written by Priscila BernardesJul 17, 2019 9:00:00 AM

That’s right, you need to call time on your relationship with the office server. If it helps, you can promise one another you’ll just be friends, and relegate the server to a minor role on the side. Or go hard, pull the pin completely and shut it down for good.

Admit it, you’ve probably had a few technology love affairs over the years. Was it the iPhone? That shiny new convertible laptop? We might not have been there, but did you brag about impressive specifications just after spending tens of thousands on the new server?

Maybe so, but times have changed and it just doesn’t measure up any longer.

Think about it.

Backups? You’ve done a few.
Software updates? More times that you can remember.
Crash? Yep, that’s all part of the package, even if it wasn’t very often.
And what about cost? More than a few diamond rings have gone into this relationship over the years.


And amazing how harsh time can be on a server, too. What was once racy, sleek and powerful, quickly developed bags under the eyes along with a few annoying habits.


With cloud infrastructure as a service, or even platform as a service, there is absolutely no need to maintain physical on-premise infrastructure for the vast majority of New Zealand businesses. It might be comforting to have the thing chugging away under someone’s desk, but the reality is the server is energy hungry and has multiple overheads which cost time and money to keep it running properly.

Put it into the cloud and reliability, availability and performance get an immediate boost. Costs go down. Data is better protected than ever before – in the cloud, it resides in a data centre with more physical and logical security than Fort Knox (arguably – we can’t be 100 percent sure this is the case, as Fort Knox is quite secretive about the measures taken to protect its contents). Put the days of expensive capital outlay for’ new hardware every three years’ behind you.


With the Ultrafast Broadband network available in more places than ever, connectivity is no longer any reason to say ‘no’ to the cloud. Especially for something as basic as a server, which has such as high cost of physical ownership.


Say goodbye to your server. Remember the good old times if you must, and forget the bad times. Make a clean break and give your business that ‘head on the clouds’ feeling which comes with a new relationship.

How Lancom can help

Lancom has been leveraging Microsoft Azure, Office 365 & Amazon Web Services cloud technologies for a number of years.
 We have helped a number of successful New Zealand and global businesses to transition  to cloud computing, and now we want to help yours! (Feel free to check some of our work here).

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