Our software development process 

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When outlining the initial concept, we use the working backwards process. This process is nicely explained by it’s name, where we work backwards to outline the press release, FAQ and user stories as if your software was being released today! This provides clarity and scope for both you, and our team.


From the working backwards process, our team is able to work through functionality and design requirements, along with outlining a project quote.


Kick off

This is where agreements are finalised, and the work begins!


The development stage is where we hold up our end of the bargain. Your software is built, tested, reviewed and tweaked where necessary. This is also where the UX and UI design is refined.



Once your software has been tested and finalised, it’s ready to be released into the wild!


The review stage is just as important as the others! All good software developers review and monitor their projects launch, to ensure everything is performing as expected.



The development of software is not a ‘set and forget’ exercise. Technology is constantly evolving, so in order for your software to remain effective and secure, it needs to evolve too! This stage is geared to making the tweaks necessary to keep your software functioning at it's best, as well as expanding functionalities where required.

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