The Working Backwards Process

Our working backwards process ensures your software project runs on time, within scope, and you receive the software you envisioned. Learn more about our working backwards process, and kick off yours below.

Refine product idea by writting a Press Release

You will know how well-formed your idea is when you go to write it on paper – if it’s hard to write your press release you might need to rethink your idea.

Understand the value-add

This process helps you to refine the benefits and value your software ideas would bring to your company. If it’s hard to think of the value, we would suggest putting the idea on hold.

Have an effective way to communicate your idea to others

Think of this processes as refining your elevator pitch – not only does it clearly define the concept in your head, you have a document to present to others which clearly articulates your idea.

Give your development team context

It’s important your development team clearly understands the desired functions and purpose of the application in order to create the software (and benefits) you envision.

Reduce the risk of over engineering

Hand in hand with scope, goes cost overrun. Having a clearly defined idea prevents extra features being developed that don’t add value (but add to the bill!).

Our working backwards process

Our working backwards process the crucial first step of every project we work on. To help explain the importance of this process, how it’s used, and details on what it entails, watch our video with our founder, Warwick Eade below.

Our working backwards process



You’ve got a great idea for how your business could leverage automation to be more productive, or a way to service your customers better. You want to jump in and develop your idea!



Before we jump into building software, we use the working backwards process to prove the software’s functionality and value to your business. For this, we write a press release (as if your product was here), the FAQ and user case’s).



Once the business value has been proved, and the idea has been fully developed through the working backwards process, we bring your software to life!

 Write on paper before writting code
Get your working backwards process started today!

Take the first step to developing custom software, with our working backwards process. We have three simple questions for you to answer to start your journey. From here, we will be in touch with a project assessment.

Imagine your software is here - outline the press release you would give of your application.

People are asking about your newly released application, what are some questions they might ask?

People are starting to use your software, write a simple user manual to help them get started.

Your details, so we can get in touch with your project scope.


What's next? 

We will review your working backwards description and put together our assessment. We will then get in touch with you to discuss your project further. This should all be within 2 working days.

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