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Our average customer has been with us for 9 years.

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Our average migration takes 6-8 weeks.

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We've helped over 100 customers (and counting) successfully migrate to the cloud.

Lancom Managed Support Services: A partnership you can rely on

Like any big move, it pays to know people. You need a guide to help your new place feel like home. It's the same when you migrate your business to the cloud. You want your new cloud setup to feel like it fits, like it’s familiar. A safe space for your team to move into and flourish. To do that, you need a local. A cloud-native. A specialist that can not only move you in but show you the ropes and offer you support and guidance throughout your journey—not just at the beginning or when you urgently need it.
It's about lasting the distance. When you partner with Lancom Technology for Managed Support Services you get a long-lasting partnership. We focus on getting you to the cloud and keeping you there. It's about the bigger picture for us. Not just the move. We'll help you to build a roadmap to leverage the most from the cloud. For us, it's not about clipping the ticket, but getting you where you need to be now, and in the future.
If you're looking to get to the cloud and thrive there, give us a shout. We're looking to partner with businesses who want to use their technology to create leverage and a real competitive advantage.
"If you’ve got the right technology partner supporting you, you can make decisions without having to really worry about technology being a constraint. That makes it easy to make the right decisions, not just for our business but, more importantly, for our clients."
Vedran Babic / Chief Executive

Partner with the best

Why partner with Lancom Technology?

Leveraging the capabilities of the cloud provides incredible benefits for businesses. Getting there quickly, via the lowest risk and the easiest path is only made possible with a team of experts. Even with in-house IT support, you'll need an expert partner you can trust. That's where we come in.
We’ve been helping customers move to the cloud for 10 years and in that time, we’ve delivered hundreds of cloud projects. When you partner with us, you'll get more than a sales rep, you'll get a team of experts committed to helping you leverage the full potential of your technology investments.
When you sign up for our Managed Support Services Package, you'll not only get a free cloud migration, you’ll also get:

Seamless Transition

We take our cloud migration partnerships seriously. Ensuring that you get a fit-for-purpose result is our top priority. We'll test it and then test it again (and then test it again) to make sure your new cloud setup works exactly how you need it to and that your transition to the cloud is seamless.

Agents of Change

Making a business change can be tough. You need your team to be on board for the project to take flight. We can help with that. We'll help you advocate for your new cloud platform by making the process simple, the business case strong, and the tech straightforward.

Predictable Fixed Fee IT Support

Once you’re in the cloud, our team will keep your teams and systems humming by providing all you can eat IT support. We’ll do this for a transparent, fixed fee that’s agreed on upfront. Predictable billing with no surprises.

Complete Cloud Journey Management

We'll take you from A-to-B, and create a roadmap to get you to Z. We'll tailor your journey to ensure you can leverage your tech in the most effective way.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Our Customer Success team is dedicated to helping our clients achieve their IT goals. The team are the conduits between our technical experts and our clients. You’ll get a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will work with you to understand your business needs who will help design and implement effective IT strategies to help you meet those needs.
"IT is the lifeblood of our business and without it, we can’t operate. System access is essential for trading, both in store and online, and the integrity of our data is vital. We’re fortunate to have a great IT partner in Lancom Technology."
Patrick Stevenson / Chief Finance Officer

Our Cloud Platform Partners

We’re trusted partners of the most innovative tech companies in the world. We’re seasoned navigators of these big businesses and make it easy for our customers to leverage cutting edge technology to increase efficiencies, grow and compete on the world stage.


1. Who is this offer for and is it really free?

If you’re an organisation based in Australia or New Zealand with between 10-100 users, then this offer could be for you. If you also believe in the power of the cloud and the potential of technology to create a competitive advantage, then this offer is definitely for you.
If you have 10-100 users then yes, the offer is a free cloud migration in return for you taking up a 36-month managed services agreement. The goal is to partner with like-minded businesses and move them to the cloud for free.
If you’re just looking for something free and don’t see the value of technology and working in partnership, then this offer probably isn’t for you.
If you have more than 100 users we’ll still try and migrate you for free, but we’ll need to better understand your setup first.

2. Where's my data going to live?

Instead of being stored directly on your own device, the hard drive on your laptop, for example, your data is stored in a cloud computing system - computer servers and storage devices connected with networking equipment that spans the globe. Your data is in the computers of the cloud provider and will be stored in the regional data centre closest to your office.

3. Is it secure?

Yes, very secure. Security is job one in the cloud and the big providers have a wide range of security tools, capabilities and employ many thousands of security experts. The cyber-attacks you read about in the news have hit traditional servers and none of the big attacks have been on a public cloud provider.

4. How do I access my resources?

Your servers and resources are hosted in the cloud and you access them via an internet browser.

5. What's the user experience going to look like?

Our goal is to ensure customers have a similar experience to what they’re used to. Our migration process recognises every transition comes with the need to be familiar. Before migrating you to the cloud, we work with your teams to make sure they too are carrying out testing and that they are familiar with how things are going to work. End users often report no or very little change.

6. Do I have to sign a fixed contract?

Yes, we are looking for a commitment of 36 months. However, we’re not trying to trap you and our contracts are flexible with review clauses baked in to make sure everyone’s comfortable with the partnership.

7. What if the cloud provider disappears?

We work with the two largest and most innovative cloud providers in the world. Providers of essential healthcare, financial, education and transport services (to name a few) rely on these same providers. The strategy of the big cloud providers is very much on growing their existing presence and they won’t be disappearing.

8. Is there downtime with the cloud?

With the cloud, high availability and uptime are guaranteed with our providers offering 99.99% uptime.

9. What does the Managed Services Package cover?

  • Unlimited IT Support delivered for a monthly fixed price
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Remote support service
  • Backups and recovery
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Dynamic reporting
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Scheduled optimisations
  • Cost optimisation recommendations
  • Employee upskilling
  • Roadmap for digital transformation

10. What happens if my requirements change during the support period?

Businesses grow and change all the time which is why your dedicated Customer Success Manager would work closely with you to review what that means in terms of the support you receive.

11. Do the charges change during the contract?

You’ll pay a transparent monthly fixed fee during the time we support you. The fee is based on the number of users you have and the types of technology you’re working with. Whilst the fee is fixed, your Customer Success Manager will review it with you when your requirements change dramatically – if your number of users doubles for example.

12. Can I cancel my contract?

Yes, absolutely. If the relationship isn’t working out, we can talk. If we’ve just invested in moving you to the cloud and you decide you want to walk away, we think it’s fair you pay for the migration.

13. What are the billing intervals?

We provide a monthly fixed fee bill.

14. Does the cloud consumption cost on top, of the managed services cost?

Yes, these are two separate services. You pay for your use of the cloud services (cloud consumption) and the managed support. As part of our migration process, we’ll calculate your expected monthly cloud consumption so there are no surprises and remember, once your business is running in the cloud, you’ll dramatically reduce the cost of purchasing hardware and software.

15. Why is the managed services agreement for 36 months?

We take a partnership approach and look to create win-win outcomes. For customers, the win is getting to the cloud smoothly and having a trusted partner to help them thrive there. For us, the win is having some certainty over the initial length of our partnership.

APAC, Hertz
"Outsourcing our IT support for the first time was a big decision and we were understandably a bit nervous. Lancom Technology were very responsive and went above and beyond to deliver great results for our team and customers. Partnering with Lancom Technology was a great decision."
Vineet Kumar / IT Operations Manager


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