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A Lancom & AWS Webinar

For many New Zealand SaaS businesses, the need to chase revenue in the short term results in an increase in technical debt. SaaS businesses understandably prioritise the development of new features and functionality ahead of platform fundamentals. This means areas such as innovation for scalability, security, data compliance and reliability often take second place, creating serious challenges for business growth.

Register for our webinar featuring speakers from AWS New Zealand, StrutFit, The Clinician and Lancom Technology for a 45-minute presentation on how to position your SaaS business to scale. We'll be talking about AWS, real-world examples of innovative initiatives and looking at how to tackle business growth challenges.

At the end of the webinar, we'll open up an interactive Q&A session to answer all of your questions.

If you're unable to attend the webinar on the day, you are still invited to register to receive access to the recording after the event.

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In this webinar, our speakers will cover:



  • Benefits of AWS, processes and why it's important (15 minutes)

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Customer Spotlight - StrutFit:    

  • StrutFit is an online sizing platform for footwear retailers. Customers can scan their feet with their phones and get accurate sizing without ever leaving the retailers website. Born in the cloud, StrutFit identified AWS as providing the most strategic platform to support their continued growth. Lancom Technology conducted a Discovery Workshop, designing a transition plan to the AWS cloud to leverage more native services available in the AWS ecosystem, before performing the cloud migration.


Customer Spotlight - The Clinician:

  • The Clinician is redefining how healthcare is measured and delivered through their value-based digital health platform. Recognising the need to evolve into a true SaaS business, the team at The Clinician are rapidly building on their enterprise platform with an off-the-shelf SaaS product built in the AWS cloud, providing fast and easy access to digital care pathways. The team at Lancom Technology has conducted a Discovery Workshop, helping the customer team envisage and plan their end state architecture and providing a set of goalposts to aim for.



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Who should attend?

Chief Executive Officers, Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers, Chief Information Security Officers, VPs of IT, and IT Professionals at ISVs, SaaS or SMBs

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The speakers

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Nishij Nimmagadda

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Mike Merry

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Darryl Grauman

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Waruna Kirimetiyawa


Register for the webinar

Thursday, October 28 @ 12PM NZDT

Register for the webinar

Thursday, October 28 @ 12PM NZDT