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Optimising your Business: Excel vs Digital Dashboards

Excel is possibly the most used software for businesses ever. It's no surprise that people skilled in the art of creating detailed spreadsheets are in high demand, but in an age of quick communication, streamlined efficiency and rapid expansion, is it holding you back?

We've compiled a guide comparing the traditional vs the modern, looking at all the benefits and disadvantages, so you can get an honest insight into if your business could benefit from a digital makeover. 

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What is this guide going to do for me?

In this guide we look at:

  • How modern reporting processes have improved compared to traditional methods
  • How you can consolidate data quicker and more efficiently
  • How the digital space is tackling glaring errors in business performance, turnover and sales figures data reporting
  • How to effectively make the transition to a digital reporting system without any negative impact
  • How the digital space helps you and your team do more valuable work for your business and drive better results across the board

This guide is designed for the businesses that need to modernise in a quickly evolving world. It's written by those here are Lancom Technology, who have been working with Digital Reporting Software for as long as it's been around. From experts, for you. 

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