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Paul Poteete

Paul Poteete
Paul is a guest author for Lancom Technology. He currently works with Aura Security and has been honoured to found and serve in the leadership of several corporations in the Continental United States, Hawaii, Asia, and Oceania. His entrepreneurial spirit is only exceeded by his desire to help others grow and achieve their own success. Paul's focus is on the individual and how each of us can create an innovative solution. This has led him to create over 100 training videos and conference presentations regarding leadership, management, information security, and information visualisation. For the last decade, Paul's goal has been to develop the future leaders of multiple industries and help organisations better secure systems against attack though several exciting opportunities.
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Written By Paul Poteete Feb 28, 2017 9:00:00 AM

IT Security Digital Transformation

How to Build a Robust Cybersecurity Plan: Top Tips for SMEs

We define small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) as companies with less than 50 people. Often they are smaller than this, numbering in the tens.

However, the size of the businesses doesn’t change the value of the information inside its systems. Employee and client information, credit card details, payroll figures, access to private materials… the list goes on. The backbone of a reliable business is its ability to protect customers and their information.

We spoke to Aura Information Security cyber evangelist Paul Poteete to get his top tips to help SMEs frame their thinking around building a cybersecurity suite that effectively protects their day-to-day operations. The result? a compelling list of 5 actionable topics, as follows. 

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