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Kyle Boucher

Kyle Boucher
Kyle Boucher is a senior software developer at Lancom Technology. He’s currently an AWS Certified Developer Associate with specific interests in serverless and micro-service architectures, including the CI/CD practices for these types of architectures.
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Written By Kyle Boucher Apr 30, 2020 3:58:41 PM

Cloud Computing Amazon Web Services

Practical Application of the AWS Cloud Development Kit

When developing applications, it’s common practice to run the same application in multiple environments. Usually a development environment for general volatile changes, a test environment for integration testing and quality assurance, and a production environment for a final release.  With multiple environments all using the same infrastructure, they require consistent replication. A common challenge is that over time each environment can drift from the standard and become too unique to accurately replicate. An example of drift is resource IAM permissions being changed in one environment, but the change isn’t documented and replicated in the other environments upon deployment.

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