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Getting to know: Aaron Corney

written by Priscila BernardesNov 13, 2018 2:59:55 PM

Growing up in Whangarei, Aaron moved to Auckland to study Digital Design at AUT focusing on Motion Capture and Game Design. After joining the design industry, Aaron found himself loving the creative side of the role however it didn't quench his thirst for problem solving.

Fast forward a few years later, Aaron is Lancom's Service Desk Manager, after shining as a Graduate Systems Engineer and Helpdesk Leader. We sat down with Aaron to understand more about him, and his recommendations for those seeking a management position in the technology sector.

Aaron shares that his biggest highlight working for Lancom is the people who he gets to work with every day and their generosity to push him to new challenges and responsibilities.

"Successes and failures alike, the opportunities provided by Lancom have excelled my progress and passion for technology." 

Aaron is a man of many hobbies, from playing board games with friends (his favorites include Exploding Kittens, Codenames and Pandemic), through to attempting to bake and recording his own podcast show (stay tuned for the first episode being released in the New Year!), Aaron knows how to use his spare time wisely to build his social and intellectual skills.

When we asked Aaron about the Lancom memory that is stuck to him, he answered:

"My first Help Desk call. After mentally reassuring myself multiple times that I needed stay calm and not panic, I was greeted by a distressed customer who spilt a glass of water over their laptop. I had no idea how to respond and awkwardly froze and went silent."

Since taking that first phone call Aaron impressively progressed to be a successful graduate engineer, recognised by Lancom's customers and his peers. His Leadership abilities secured him a Helpdesk Manager role, but we couldn't let him stop there!  When the opportunity for a Service Desk Manager came up we could only think of one person: Aaron.

Aaron now manages the day-to-day of our Service Operations while superbly driving his peers to provide the best customer service.

When we asked Aaron for his recommendations for those looking to grow into a management role in tech, he summarised his thoughts in three points:

      • Learning to learn: in my opinion this is one of the most under-rated traits of any I.T. position.
      • Question everything: Something that was correct yesterday could easily be wrong today, stay curious.
      • Whether they know it or not- everyone has a passion for technology. All it takes is someone like you to show them 😊

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